Match Report
Millfield Preparatory School Mini Red Squad vs  Trip to AELTC museum and WJTI match
On: Sunday, 29 Sep 2019
Venue: Away

We had the amazing opportunity to take a team of 6 players to compete against the AELTC, Wimbledon. This was the first time the AELTC have ever held a Mini match against another school, so we were very fortunate to be allowed to play this fixture.

On the first week of term we held a Mini Red, Mini Orange and Mini Green Tournament in order to determine our team for the match and the following players fought very hard to earn their places on the team:

Mini Red: John Angelosanto and Toby Wong

Orange: Jamie Glover and Nicholas Chan

Green: Thomas Keeler and Jack Smith

The boys were extremely excited on the bus journey up but managed to perform (and behave!) brilliantly throughout the day, winning all but one of their matches.

After their games they were treated to lunch in the Rolex suite and then given free entry to the Wimbledon Museum.

Then to top off their incredible day they were allowed into the Wimbledon clubhouse to see the actual Wimbledon Trophies and honours boards, and then were taken onto Centre Court via the players entrance and were able to touch the grass.

Clearly the 6 lucky players were hugely inspired and motivated by the whole experience as they all came to 7.30am Tennis Squad on Monday morning full of enthusiasm, like true Tennis Champions!